Kick-start your training

If you signed up for the CBR100 Challenge thinking: ‘This is exactly the sort of incentive I need to get active and fit,’ that’s fantastic. That’s exactly what this event is all about.

If your thoughts have now turned to the reality of making that happen and you’re suddenly thinking: ‘Oh my God I don’t have time to exercise I must have been mad to ever think this would work,’ don’t worry! Help is at hand.

A’Hern Fitness in Manuka – run by triple Olympian and dual Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Nick A’Hern and his wife Jennifer – are generously offering discounted training sessions to those taking part in the CBR100 Challenge, to help them prepare.

Their fully qualified team of personal trainers have the correct knowledge to tailor a fitness program to help you reach your goals for the CBR 100 Challenge and beyond.

What’s on offer:

  • Challengers will receive a15% discount to take part in a 10-week, 6-week or 4-week program held in The Playground – A’Hern Fitness’s outdoor training facility at their Manuka studio.


  • Group training packages (10 people) include circuit classes that mix strength, conditioning and fitness to better equip you for the walk or run in March. They are suitable for all fitness levels and Nick and his team will provide personalised help and also track your progress.

Six-week sessions start 23 January. So be brave, take the next step, and hand it all over to the professionals!

Book now or contact A’Hern Fitness for more information..