As we all know, walking the 25km or 50km races is a very different prospect to running them! To cater to both walkers and runners, we have had specialists in both areas develop specific training programs for each discipline, and for the different distances.

Developing programs specifically for CBR100’s walking events is Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Nick A’Hern, Managing Director of A’Hern Fitness. Nick has developed 12-week programs for the 100km, 50km and 25km events.

Weeks 1–4 focus on strength and conditioning, weeks 5–8 on endurance, weeks 9–10 on making sure you can cover your nominated distance on the day, and weeks 11–12 on tapering and final preparations. Nick gives you a day-by-day run down on how many lunges, crunches and planks to do, as well as what sort of walking you should be doing to build up in time. He also provides useful tips and hints throughout.
For runners, Hanny Allston from Find Your Feet and a competition advisor for CBR100 has written an 8-week training program, and is also offering free training planners to help you perform at your peak on race day.

In addition, Hanny and Find Your Feet coach and elite ultra distance runner, Majell Backhausen, have written a detailed strength and stability program for all runners in the CBR100.
All training programs can be accessed free by going to the training page on CBR100. Follow the links to Find Your Feet for Hanny’s running program.1798787_10152751081847370_7373206121621525123_n