Maintaining energy and keeping hydrated on race day is something that occupies all athletes, from amateurs to pros. To help you make it the finish line in style, CBR100 has partnered with Shotz Sports Nutrition to provide its Energy Gel and Electrolyte Tablet to competitors.

They will be available free at registration and also at checkpoints throughout the race.

The Shotz Energy Gel is a carbohydrate in a semi fluid form that fuels the brain and active muscles during activity. By providing a large amount of calories in a small volume you can fuel up without overeating and suffering stomach problems.

Also available on race day will be the Shotz Electrolyte Tablet, which is a sugar free effervescent tablet that dissolves in water. Runners can customise how much they use to suit their needs and weather conditions, which is particularly useful for those competing in longer events; if there is a change in temperature you can alter the volume of fluid you drink.
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