New course. New challenge. 50km isn’t an easy distance, but the new course will make it worth the effort. With our first ever point-to-point course, challengers will start at Hall and tackle the second half of the 100km course, including the Northern border, Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie. A lot less tarmac and a whole lot more challenge!

Optional bus tickets from Campbell High School to Hall will be available with your entry allowing you to leave you car at the finish.




Registration / race number pick up and bag drop: 5:00pm until 10:00 pm

Campbell High School, Treloar Cres. Campbell ACT

Competitor briefing 1#: 6:00pm (Please note that we will run the competitor briefing at 3 seperate times to make it easy for people to attend. We strongly recommend that people attend one of these sessions).

Competitor briefing 2#: 7:00pm

Competitor Briefing 3#: 9:00pm


Start: Hall, ACT

Finish: Campbell High School, Treloar Cres. Campbell ACT

Start time: 8 am Saturday (at the Hall start line)

Please note that the bus will depart Campbell High School at 7:00am to transport people to the start line. Bus tickets are available to purchase for $5 but MUST be pre purchased.

Cut off time: 11 pm Saturday



Course Map
Course Map
Elevation Profile
Elevation Profile
Google Map
Google Map


Around the border and back to Canberra! Heading North East from Hall takes you up the centenary trail single track towards One Tree Hill. A steady but gradual climb for 4km and you will hit the border track between ACT and NSW.

The single track joy continues as you snake around the border, wrapping in and out of trees and through a weird garden of rock cairns – get your camera out! There is also a campground with drop loo and a water tank (don’t rely on it though).

Before you know it you will pop out on to Mulligans Flat Rd – cruise along the bike path to Checkpoint 3!

Rolling fire trail takes you through Mulligan’s Flat Sanctuary and towards Goorooyaroo Reserve. Make sure you close the really big gate! There is a water station as you cross Horse Park Dr. Enjoy the flat runnable sections while you can because you’re in for a hilly finish!

Underneath the Federal Highway and you will meet a fire trail climb up towards Mt Majura Rd. Thankfully you can turn left and sprint downhill, looking for a turnoff on your right to some single track that winds down towards the winery and Checkpoint 4! Don’t stay too long because you’re nearly home.

Rolling along the side of Majura fire trail you will spy some mountain bikers weaving in and out of the Pines. Turn right and get ready for a steep pinch of hiking up towards the saddle. Once you hit the saddle, veer left and enjoy the gradual but technical zig zag descent down the Casuarina Trail. At the 4th hairpin, continue straight off the edge and the track will take you down to a fire trail and large water tank at Majura base.

A short fire trail climb takes you over Hackett Hill, before you veer left near the top and follow the fence line down towards Campbell Park. A right hand turn will take you through some grasslands to link up with the power line trail. Turn left up the Centenary single track and climb towards the road. You will find some sneaky single track that climbs gradually beside the road, then finally some stairs to pop you out at Ainslie summit! There is a tap if you’re desperate for water.

It’s all downhill from here – follow the main walking track most of the way down, before veering right on to a fire trail that leads you back into the finish at Campbell High!


All you need to know about each checkpoint and water station including est. time of front runners and final walkers, what on the menu, what drop bags you will find and if there are toilets and first aid support.

50km Checkpoint, Water Stations & Course Timings



Early bird

$120per person
  • Ends 11.59pm 4/12/2015


$150per person
  • Ends 11.59pm 8/02/2016


$180per person
  • Ends 11.59pm 22/02/2016


Early bird

$360per team of 3
  • Ends 11.59pm 4/12/2015


$450per team of 3
  • Ends 11.59pm 8/02/2016


$540per team of 3
  • Ends 11.59pm 22/02/2016


Rules are specific to each distance. Make sure you check the rules for your specific distance before entering. The 50km rules are here:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age at time of event (5/3/16)
  • You must complete the entire course within 15 hours
  • You must only walk, run or use a combination of both to complete the course
  • You must put your own and/or your team’s safety and wellbeing first


Mandatory gear must be carried on each team or on each soloist where specified at all times during the event. It has been developed as a list of minimum requirements to keep you safe out on course, it is by no means the full list of gear we recommend you carry.

You may be asked by event crew to show any of your mandatory gear before the start of the event or during the event at checkpoints. If you do not satisfy the requirements, you will not be able to continue to compete until you have everything.

The ‘after 7:00pm’ requirements are for those who will continue the event throughout the night. Certain checkpoints will not let you continue after 7:00 pm without the appropriate gear.

Please make sure you are well prepared, help others wherever you can and always use common sense!

Why do I need all this gear? It all actually has a purpose, see it all explained in our FAQs.

At all times during the event:

  • 2 litres of water (either in bottles or a water bladder)
  • Mobile phone (1 per team or soloist)
  • Zip lock bag for rubbish
  • Race number– must be displayed at all times on the outermost layer of clothing, including hi-vis vest
  • Basic first aid:
    • Crepe/stretching bandage
    • Band aids
    • Sterile wipes
    • Safety pins

After 7:00 pm:

  • Long sleeve thermal top (polypropylene, wool or similar)
  • Beanie, balaclava or buff
  • High-visibility safety vest
  • Headlamp (fully charged + spare batteries)
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Waterproof jacket – only mandatory in wet weather, you will be notified if you must carry this by event crew prior to event day